What to take with you to fitness

What to take with you to fitness

If you look at and compare the contents of the bags of various people who come to the fitness club, then you can find completely different things there. Some of them are mandatory, while others will be excess cargo, which without purpose lies in your bag.

The first thing most people face is choosing between a backpack and a sports bag. Of course, for the sake of sales and marketing, many brands will assure you that only the product they sell is better, but in fact convenience is always the main criterion. For those who travel to the gym by public transport, a small sports bag will be more convenient, although a backpack is also great. In general, you need to choose only from personal preferences. The main thing is to choose compact models in which there will be no empty space.

Sports uniform

The first thing you need to take on fitness is quality shoes. You can forget everything else at home, but the shoes should be suitable. You can often see beginners who, after the first training session, skip at least one week only because they have rubbed huge corns. For most types of fitness, so-called “high” sneakers with ankle fixation are needed.

Fitness sneakers

Many people mistakenly believe that gym shoes are sports shoes, so it’s worthwhile to clarify that they are completely unsuitable for most sports. An exception can only be weightlifting, where shoes with a flat foot are critical. In other cases, you need to choose sneakers for universal sports. Any rubber shoes, ballet shoes and especially slippers in the hall is not the place, even if you just work with weights.

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Many contradictions are usually encountered when discussing the correct form for sports. Some vehemently defend modern synthetics, while others remain loyal to ordinary cotton products. It is worth recognizing that both those and those people are absolutely right, therefore you need to take those clothes with you in which you will be comfortable. Each material has a number of pros and cons, but it’s worthwhile to clarify that ordinary t-shirts and sweaters, especially pants, will not work at all. Clothing should meet the following characteristics:

  • Max out
  • Have tight or double seams
  • “Breathe”, that is, let air through
  • Be light in weight
  • Do not constrain movements

The last criterion is of critical importance, therefore it is necessary to start with it. Select the material based on your own preferences, but if the choice fell on synthetics, then it should only be sports, therefore no market clothes.

Girl push ups in gloves for fitness.

Another important element of a sports uniform is gloves. Although they are not necessary for some types of fitness, it is better to take them with you wherever there is contact with iron or fitness equipment. They protect the palm from corns and are also relevant in terms of hygiene.

Hygiene and what should always be in the bag

In order not to take a lot of unnecessary things with you to fitness, the main thing is to consider what no athlete can do without. First of all, it is a bottle of water. You can either dial it at home or buy it in the hall, but it is important to remember that the water must be clean, not boiled and without gas. You can forget everything else, but without water during training you are guaranteed to get dehydrated, which will reduce the benefits of the entire lesson.

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Girl holding a bottle of water and a towel

The second important element is a towel. Many may not attach importance to this, but in any, even ultramodern rooms, there are usually so many bacteria and germs that it is better not to go without a towel for training. It is necessary in order to lay under the open places of the body, especially if you train in T-shirts, topics, etc. In some clubs they give out towels for training, which greatly facilitates the task.

Shower set. Of course, if you live five minutes from the hall and disdain to visit the public showers in the locker rooms, you can put on your clothes and wash yourself at home, but in any other cases you need to wash.

During training, the body gets rid of many of the body’s vital products through sweat, because it must be washed off as soon as possible.

It will also allow sportswear not to lose their condition. In general, the shower set is almost always standard – washing gel, shampoo, bath towel (separate, and not what was used in the room), washcloth and rubber slippers. It is important to remember that under no circumstances should you go into the shower barefoot if you value your health.

Shower set

Elastics or hair bands. Today, not only women can have long hair, therefore, even men can need elastic bands for hair. Recently, dressings are becoming increasingly popular. They are made of a special material that allows you to breathe and does not soar at all, while reliably fixing your hair.

The last category of the most important items in your training bag should be replaceable clothing. It must be taken for fitness. Usually we are talking about an additional set of socks and underwear. One need only go home in what you trained in, and the whole importance of this rule will be immediately understood. In most cases, beginners make the same mistake, because if you have not practiced before and are only going to your first lesson, then this nuance should be taken into account.

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Minor and not very necessary things

There are things that you need to take with you to the fitness club without fail. Nevertheless, there is something that is far from always a necessity. It’s about the player and headphones. Many will say that practicing music is practically impossible without music, but this statement is not reliable.

Workout to the music

If you come to training, then additional wires on the body will probably hamper the movement. You can do with headphones with bluetooth, but they can catch other people’s signals, so they will rather distract attention. Moreover, the most recent studies have shown that music helps to improve physical activity only for beginners, while experienced athletes lose up to 10-15% of their effectiveness during training due to the rhythm they adapt to.

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