How to eat before exercise to lose weight

How to eat before exercise to lose weight

For weight loss during training, proper nutrition is very important. Adhering to it, in a short time you can lose quite a lot of weight. During the diet, the body should not experience a lack of nutrients, otherwise it will be difficult to lead a familiar lifestyle. Nutrition should be varied and balanced.

General rules for proper nutrition

The diet during nutrition for weight loss contains the following rules:

  1. You can not fully or partially starve.
  2. When adjusting nutrition, it is worth consulting with a doctor or trainer.
  3. It is worth abandoning excessive consumption of food and snacking in a hurry.
  4. Do not watch TV or talk while eating. When eating, you need to concentrate on it. So a person eats less.
  5. You can’t eat for company or out of boredom, it’s better to eat at a time when a desire really appeared.

To get a good result from playing sports, you should make your daily routine. It should have time and amount of training, hours of work and rest.

How to eat before exercise to lose weight

To keep your weight normal, you need to eat so that you spend the calories you receive per day. If there are more than necessary, a set of extra pounds occurs. To remove unnecessary accumulations of fat, you should come to the training with an empty stomach. This will cause the body to spend fat reserves.

Nutrition before exercise should include carbohydrate foods. This will provide the necessary energy for classes. The body will take its deficiency from fats. Therefore, during classes, they are actively split. Carbohydrates do not accumulate in the form of extra pounds, but rather make a person more resilient, prevent hunger attacks during exercise.

oatmeal after training

Excessive fasting will also not bring benefits. An exhausted body will not be able to exercise normally. Since the nervous system and brain work on carbohydrates, they should be consumed in small quantities before exercise. The last meal should be a couple of hours before training. With severe hunger, you can eat oatmeal, buckwheat, fruits or vegetables.

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If the training takes place in the morning, then you can have an apple or oatmeal snack an hour before class. When this time is not there, green tea or cocoa without sugar will do. This will invigorate the body and tune in the necessary way.

Before playing sports, it is recommended to drink coffee or sports supplements that contain L-picture and other fat-burning components. This will increase the rate of burning fat.

Can I eat during a workout for weight loss

During sports, eating is not recommended. Eat before or after. Particular attention should be paid to food at the end of the workout. Here, the choice of products and the time interval are important.

Drinking mode during classes

During training with sweat and breathing, water leaves the body, so it is simply necessary to replenish its reserves in a timely manner. Improper drinking regime during strength training can lead to fatigue and loss of concentration.

Is it possible to drink water during training

In winter, about a liter of water will be needed to restore water balance. In the hot season, this figure reaches two. You can drink it right during classes for a couple of sips. Some argue that it is better to give up drinking water before exercise, but this is not so. If you are thirsty, you should quench it. Drink a little, so the stomach will not replenish with excess fluid, which afterwards can interfere with exercise.

During training, you should drink still water or special hypotonic drinks. It is worth giving up juices and sugary drinks.

Nutrition after workout to burn fat

After physical activity, the body is deficient in energy, so it spends fat reserves for a couple of hours. It’s better not to eat anything at this time. You can not deny yourself the water. You need to drink it as much as you want. Also, to quench your thirst, green tea and fruit drinks are suitable. The latter should be cooked without sugar.

Water during training

Eating in the first half hour

During exercise, there is an active consumption of glycogen. To restore it, in the next 45 minutes you need to eat carbohydrate foods with a high glycemic index and a high protein content. One serving of food should contain 80% carbohydrates and 20% protein. If you do not eat, it will slow down weight loss.

If, together with losing weight, you try to achieve a beautiful body, then after strength training you should consume 60% of protein, 40% of carbohydrates, and after aerobics, on the contrary.

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Snack Options:

  • A small piece of cheese and a slice of whole grain bread.
  • A few grams of dried fruits and nuts.
  • Low-fat yogurt containing pieces of fruit.
  • Fruit juice and a slice of cheese.
  • Omelet with vegetables and pita bread.
  • Flakes with milk.
  • Whole grain bread and a slice of meat.
  • Energy or protein bar.
Snack Options

Snack should be light, do not pass. You can eat tightly in an hour and a half.

2-hour pause

This method is suitable for those who do not care about the quality of the body, the main thing is to throw off the hated kilogram. During physical activity, the fat burning mechanism is activated, which is active for a couple of hours. You can say the training is over, but the body continues to lose weight.

With such a nutrition plan, you need to consume half the calories spent after exercise. For example, if you burned 600 kcal, then you are allowed to eat 300. Remember that after two hours you can not pounce on food, and eat it in huge quantities.

Training hours

Workouts in the morning give the best result. At this time, the body has the least amount of glycogen, and it begins to draw energy from fats. It is advisable to exercise on an empty stomach, but if this is not possible, then it is worth half an hour before the exercises to drink coffee with a banana or eat tea with bread.


If you exercise during the day, then an hour and a half before classes you should eat complex carbohydrates. This is pasta, oatmeal or rice. They will fill with energy for a long time. It is also allowed for half an hour before class to consume fast carbohydrates. These are dried fruits, banana and coffee.

Features for men and women

There are big differences in the training of men and women. This is due to their physiological characteristics. So for women, long intensive training is suitable. Fat burning occurs in classes lasting more than 30 minutes.

The female body quickly stores excess carbohydrates in fat, so you need to monitor your diet. In men, muscle mass is greater, so carbohydrates are completely processed into glycogen, which is deposited in the muscles. In women, this process occurs in smaller quantities.

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Aerobic exercise is great for girls. They are well tolerated by the body and help reduce weight.

warm-up, training, hitch, stretching

Training for both sexes should be diverse. It is necessary to combine cardio loads with strength exercises and stretch marks. This helps to establish a metabolism.

Pros and cons

There are no downsides to weight loss workouts. The only thing that can interfere with doing is laziness. Performing exercises can not only lose weight, but also tighten the body, get rid of cellulite. Any sports activities make a person more resilient, increase immunity.

Allowed Products

Food should contain a minimum of fast carbohydrates. Food should be light, with plenty of protein and fiber. For snacks, you can use nuts.

The list of allowed products includes:

  • Vegetables;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Sour fruit;
  • Greens;
  • Dietary meat;
  • Low-fat dairy products;
  • Cottage cheese.
Allowed Products

An adult should consume approximately 2200 kcal per day. If physical activity is aimed at increasing muscle mass, then the body will need about 3000 kcal. It is better that a nutritionist choose a nutrition program for weight loss, because the size of calories consumed is strictly individual.

Fully or partially restricted products

Nutrition for weight loss before exercise and after eliminates the use of fatty foods. It is hard to digest and leaves the stomach for a long time. Do not also eat cakes, pastries and other goodies.

Eating fat after exercise inhibits the flow of proteins and carbohydrates into the blood. Therefore, products should be as low-fat as possible.

It is also worth giving up caffeine. It interferes with taking protein from muscle-building products. Therefore, you should refrain from tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate after training. You can please yourself with coffee only after a couple of hours at the end of classes.

Fully or partially restricted products

Example weekly menu for weight loss for men and women

When planning a menu for a week, you should make a list of products and evenly distribute them by day. For example, chicken and fish are best placed on different days. Breakfast should be hearty. 50% of the daily diet should be carbohydrates, 30% – proteins and 20% – fats. For dinner, it is better to eat protein. It can be boiled chicken, hake, pollock, salmon or cottage cheese.

Strength Training Nutrition for Women

The woman’s menu for the week includes:

DayBreakfastLunchDinnerHigh teaDinner
1.200 g of rice porridge on the water, a teaspoon of butter, coffee without sugarToast, boiled egg, fresh cucumber200 g baked hake, 150 g vegetable salad100 g cottage cheese, apple green tea200 g stewed vegetables, 100 g baked chicken breast
2.20 g of rye bread, low-fat cottage cheese, 10 g of hard cheese, banana, coffee70 g of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of honey200 g chicken stock, vegetable saladapple, kiwi, tea250 g boiled chicken, a couple of cucumbers
3.150 g of oatmeal, a teaspoon of honey, banana, coffee50 g nuts, apple, tea200 g rice, 150 g stewed vegetables150 g curd banana casserole, green tea200 g boiled shrimp, 2 cucumbers, tomato
4.Oatmeal in milk, 100 g of berries100 g of yogurt, coffee, a teaspoon of honey250 g baked hake, 150 g sauerkraut200 g vegetable salad200 g baked chicken breast, 30 g parmesan, a couple of cucumbers
5.200 g mashed potatoes, a teaspoon of butter, boiled egg, cucumber2 kiwi tea250 g of rice soup with mushrooms, toast, 10 g of cheese150 g cottage cheese casseroles200 g baked pollock, 100 g seaweed
6.Omelet, coffeeBanana, orange200 g of baked potatoes, 100 g of baked champignons, 70 g of chickenGlass of kefir, apple150 g of cottage cheese, 2 baked apples
7.Barley porridge, a teaspoon of butter, teaBanana, kiwi250 g vegetable casserole, 100 g boiled chicken150 g shrimp, a glass of tomato juice150 g steamed fish cakes, 100 g rice, a glass of tomato juice
How much you can eat after training

For men, the following menu is suitable:

DayBreakfastLunchDinnerHigh teaDinner
1.Three egg fried eggs, 30 g jam, tea with sugarSandwich, a couple of tomato300 g of meatball soup, steamed chicken cutlets3 baked apples, 100 g of cottage cheese, a teaspoon of honey250 g baked potatoes, 150 g chicken
2.200 g rice porridge with milk, toast, jam, tea150 g lettuce300 g borsch, 200 g mashed potatoes, 50 g baked turkey200 g of cottage cheese, a glass of fermented baked milk,250 g vegetable casserole, a pair of steamed fish cakes
3.250 g of buckwheat cereal in milk, a sandwich, coffee150 g cottage cheese casserole250 g fish soup, 200 g baked potatoes, bread, stewed chicken150 g vegetable salad, bread200 g mashed potatoes, 150 g shrimps, 100 g lettuce
4.3 egg omelet, sandwichBanana, apple, 150 g kefir300 g of soup, 200 g of rice, 50 g of stewed beef, 100 g of salad100 g of cottage cheese200 g buckwheat porridge, 150 g boiled mussels
5.250 g of oatmeal porridge in milk, 20 g of cheese, apple, coffee100 g yogurt, 20 g dried apricots, 20 g prunes250 g borsch, 200 g vegetable casserole, 100 g hake200 g lettuce200 g of rice, 100 g of boiled turkey
6.200 g cottage cheese and banana casseroles, apple, coffee200 g fruit salad300 g of soup with vermicelli, 150 g of buckwheat, 150 g of salad100 g biscuit, a glass of fermented baked milk250 g vegetable casserole, 150 g stewed cod, a glass of tomato juice
7.2 toasts, jam, boiled egg, tea100 g of cottage cheese, banana, a teaspoon of honey300 g borsch, 200 g baked cod, 100 g lettuce3 baked apples, a glass of fermented baked milk200 g vegetable casserole, 100 g baked hake, cucumber, tomato

Proper nutrition, calorie counting and exercise will help achieve the desired results without harming your health.

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