How to choose the right ball for fitness

How to choose the right ball for fitness

You can buy “elastic shell” in any sports store. The variety of shapes and sizes is amazing. Depending on the goals, lesson plan and type of exercises, it is necessary to choose the projectile that will meet the needs.

Where are they used?

The use of shells is gaining great popularity. Invented by a Swiss doctor for the prevention and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy, he became especially popular in the following types of fitness:

  • To strengthen the muscles of the whole body in strength training;
  • In Pilates groups;
  • Gymnastic for classes and exercises at home;
  • Just for useful entertainment.
fitball in retirement age

With such widespread use and a variety of its shapes and sizes, it is necessary to choose a sports equipment taking into account certain parameters.

Shell advantages

Due to its characteristics, fitballs have a lot of advantages, which at first glance are not visible, but noticeable during hard training:

  • Ease of transportation and storage (when folded, it almost does not take up space);
  • It affects many muscle groups (the entire body is included in the work, because there is a need to balance);
  • Does not require space for classes (a few square meters are enough);
  • Improves coordination, strength, endurance;
  • Helps in rehabilitation for various injuries;
  • Quick preparation of the projectile for work (inflated in a few minutes).
ball training

All these, as well as other advantages, make him an indispensable assistant in fitness classes both in the gym and at home.

Fitball selection options

Depending on the type of exercise, the selection should be made so that the load is optimal and feasible for the student.

Size and Height Choice

It is not difficult to choose a ball for fitness by height, there is an appropriate size table:

  • For very tall people (above 185 cm) we choose a ball with a diameter of 85 cm;
  • If a person’s height is just below 170-185 cm, then 75 cm will do;
  • If the height is greater than 155-165 cm, choose a projectile size of 65 cm;
  • For children, it will be optimal – 55 cm.

The next test will help you choose the size of your fitness ball. Try to sit on the ball (feet on the floor) so that the bend angle in the kneecaps to the floor is about 90º. If the angle is up or down, then the load will be either insufficient or excessive (leg muscles will be overloaded).

Does a person’s weight influence the right choice?

The largest in terms of fitballs, withstand loads of up to 250 kg, but the optimal weight for the practitioner can be considered – up to 130 kg.

If body weight exceeds 130 kg, then training on such a projectile is undesirable. Since the exercises very often take place in motion, and therefore the load increases, and the ball may break. It is recommended to order a larger size (more than 85 cm). This can be done by ordering the desired model in the catalog of the online store.

fitball for weight loss

There are instances that can withstand and very large weight, more than 300 kg. They are made of latex more than 6 mm thick.

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By degree of rigidity

The benefits of classes will be different if we focus on the rigidity of fitball. Smooth balls are very suitable for beginners, to perform exercises on the press and with power loads.

There are balls with spikes, they are more rigid and for beginners they can cause some discomfort. However, classes with them are most productive due to the massage effect, which ensures optimal blood circulation.

fitball girl with spikes

We check fitball for strength and quality

It is important to choose the right ball for fitness, you can understand the merits (quality product or not) right in the store. Ask the seller (if possible) to inflate the shell. This will allow to evaluate all its characteristics, i.e. try it in the “case” to see if it is right for you.

  1. Elasticity – fitball should not have pronounced seams. It should easily sag under weight (not more than 3 cm) and also easily take on its original appearance. If the place of deflection is visible after use, this is the first “call” of poor quality.
  2. Elasticity – how well the projectile is inflated: if it’s not enough, then the effectiveness of the exercises will be minimal, because muscle load is small.
  3. Anti – burst system – many balls of foreign manufacturers are increasingly equipped with this system. Its essence is as follows: when the shell explodes, there are no pops and explosions. If it is damaged, it blows off very slowly.
  4. Invisible seams – they are not visible and do not cause discomfort during the training.
  5. Uniform “inflation” – the projectile has uniform dimensions and shape.
  6. Antistatic properties – dust does not stick to it at all.
  7. The place of inflation is well closed and does not feel when loaded.
fitball inflating place

These characteristics are very important. If you do not pay attention to them, you can get a bad product or defective in general. Taking into account all the features will allow you to choose a high-quality and durable product.

When practicing on a fitball, first check the floor for sharp objects. Many balls can be repaired, but it is better to avoid such situations.

When color matters

The presence of a variety of colors will allow you to choose the color of the shell that you like.

When inflated, the simulator can serve as a good complement to any interior, emphasizing the features and leveling the flaws.

multi-colored balls

Red balls will help create interesting color spots, making the necessary accents in space. Greens – on the contrary, will create an atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility in the living room.

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For children, choose bright colors, as they love everything bright, attracting attention.

The manufacturer is the key to quality

The best are balls from Europe (the Italian brand Gymnic), then from Taiwan (Azuni), as well as from China and Germany, which are at everyone’s ears (Torneo and Kettler). Consider the list of key leaders:

Gymnic – created from durable polymer, the shell can withstand weight up to 130 kg. Thanks to the anti-explosive system, the air exits smoothly, and the trainee will not get injured.

Azuni is a product of a Taiwanese manufacturer. Durable polymer coating with the addition of silicone allows you to use it in active physical exercises. A pump is included with some models, which increases the speed of inflation and deflation. Also, like the previous leader, there is an Anti-Burst system – soft deflating at the slightest damage.

Torneo is a Chinese manufacturer. Polyvinyl chloride shells are made, withstand heavy loads. EverProof technology provides wear resistance and a warranty period of up to 2 years.

Kettler is a German company. Makes high-quality balls for various loads. Polyvinyl chloride and rubber are also used as the main material.

Very reliable balls that are used in many rehabilitation centers for athletes after injuries.

girl with fitballs

All balls have different color shades, vary in diameter and possible loads. This gives consumers great opportunities when they need to choose a ball for fitness.

Classification of fitballs – what will we do?

Different balls are necessary depending on the type of activity (home training, Pilates, relaxation and relaxation). Which fitness ball is better, why do we need each of the types, we will understand right now.

Non-aging classic (smooth fitball)

Great for practicing at home, and in the sections of Pilates, aerobics (active types). Often used in maternity fitness groups. Small sizes are suitable for kids for fun.

There are a lot of complexes of exercises, they are very interesting. In the process of their implementation, you will not be bored. There are versions of training for men on the abs and other muscles.

smooth fitballs

A smooth surface allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, quickly change the position of the body on the fitball.

As sharp as a hedgehog (with spikes)

With this ball, you can do the same thing as with the previous one, plus to do relaxation and relaxation exercises. Spikes in this case will very well “disperse” the blood, massage the internal organs.

Very well, these balls are used in rehabilitation groups for different patients, as well as in physical therapy classes.

fitballs with spikes

After a hard day’s work or great physical training, it’s very nice to lie down and relax on it. Muscle tone rises, the desire to act actively wakes up.

Horned representatives (with arms and legs)

These balls are very funny and are most often intended for children and for those who have never used them. On these balls you can safely ride, use in various ways for fun and entertainment.

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Thanks to convenient handles, the child holds onto them well. Injuries will not happen, but you can get a lot of fun, especially if you arrange a group entertainment of several people.

There are large fitballs with handles for adults, but not all exercises are suitable for them (handles interfere).

fitballs with horns

For children, such classes will be very useful. A child cannot move without movement, and balls on which you can jump are an excellent outlet for children’s energy, and as a result, fast falling asleep.

If the child is old enough (from 6 to 10 years), then you can choose a fitball of the smallest diameter and, under the supervision of an adult, monitor the successes of a novice athlete.

Baby balls to help moms

On sale there are balls for the smallest. Bright, colorful, with various characters, they will surely bring pleasure to any child, because there is nothing more fun than jumping, tumbling and having fun.

Young mothers sometimes have the question: which fitness ball to choose for her baby. Neuropathologists often recommend gymnastics for babies. It is useful in the following cases:

  • Well develops coordination;
  • Helps the child relax, prepare for sleep;
  • Develops physically and emotionally;
  • Properly selected exercises remove accumulated gaziki formed during feeding.
fitballs for babies

For a child to grow harmoniously developed, such a simulator will be very useful, especially in the first 12 months of the baby’s life. This will allow him to quickly “understand” his body, master the surrounding space, develop and even learn to walk.

Other types of fitness balls

Metballs are another type of fitness ball. It is made of artificial or genuine leather. Fill such a projectile with rubber granules or other filler to give weight.

stuffed balls

Used for the rehabilitation of athletes from various types of injuries. It has a large weight (depending on the required load) and can reach 27 kg.

Fitballs with handles (barefoot) – you cannot fully call this simulator a ball. This is a hemisphere equipped with expanders, and inside is filled with air. It is used for strength training, with the right selection of exercises, you can work out up to 500 muscles.

Bosu fitness - what is it?

Bosu exercise programs are becoming very popular. This exercise machine is not a rare guest at any fitness club.

To balls – all ages are submissive!

Fitball is not only a fashionable trend in the fitness industry, but also an excellent simulator that helps to improve your shape, lose weight, make muscles elastic and strong. It is suitable for both children and adults.

In babies improves the vestibular apparatus, blood circulation.

Restorative exercises are suitable for patients as rehabilitation complexes for health promotion.

fitball rehabilitation

Adults will receive an excellent charge of vivacity and good mood during the day, as well as the opportunity to rest and relax after workdays.

Choose a fitball and healthy lifestyle. Go in for sports, improve your figure, and our article will certainly help you with this!

Samuel Mitchell