All about fitness after birth

All about fitness after birth

Restoring one’s shape after childbirth is a normal and completely natural desire of a woman. The kilograms added and weakened muscles during pregnancy worry most young mothers, so they often have questions: “When can I start doing fitness and is it possible at all? What exercises will help to restore harmony? How to combine fitness after childbirth with breastfeeding?

When can I start practicing?

In the postpartum period, a woman can do fitness. It will help not only to reduce weight, but also to strengthen muscles, increase immunity and improve mood (after all, newly-minted mothers often suffer from postpartum depression).

When can I start fitness?

However, there is no clear answer as to how long you can start practicing at home. The fact is that everything depends on the course of the birth process itself and the current state of health.

If childbirth took place naturally without complications of any type, and even more so, if during pregnancy a woman led a physically active lifestyle, then classes can be started as early as 4-6 weeks after childbirth. Of course, in a sparing mode and with caution.

If the birth proceeded with complications (this also includes fairly common gaps), as well as after a cesarean section, the possibility of doing fitness should be discussed with a gynecologist. He will evaluate the current state and give recommendations. Usually, when there are sutures, a ban on physical activity is imposed for at least 8 weeks.

Fitness and Breastfeeding

Fitness and Breastfeeding

Some young mothers avoid any training because of fears that the amount of milk will decrease. But in the course of research, scientists have proved that sports have no negative effect on lactation itself or on the development of the baby.

The only thing to consider is that intense physical activity can affect the composition of milk itself – it increases the content of lactic acid. As a result of this, the child may not like the sour taste, but this does not always happen. To avoid breast rejection, it is recommended that you simply limit yourself to moderate exercise and drink more water. Expressing milk also helps half an hour or an hour after training – it contains the largest amount of lactic acid, so it will not get to the child.

Exercise Fitness at Home

Fitness classes do not necessarily include a trip to the fitness center – you can exercise at home. Moreover, not all young mothers have the opportunity to leave their homes and leave the child with someone from other family members.

Exercise Fitness at Home

Recovery after childbirth at home is best done in several ways:

  1. Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor . To do this, we can recommend the exercises of A. Kegel, the essence of which is the tension of the pelvic muscles for several seconds and their subsequent relaxation.
  2. The back . Strengthening the muscles of the back is especially useful because in the coming year it will take a lot of time to carry the baby in her arms. This will help exercises with light dumbbells, a bridge, inclinations. You can do female yoga and Pilates.
  3. Press . It should be remembered that working on the muscles of the press is recommended no earlier than after 6-8 weeks. Exercise these muscles after childbirth with extreme caution. And if there was a direct divergence of the abdominal muscles – such exercises are prohibited! In this case, a doctor’s consultation is required.

Strengthening the muscles of the press will help to achieve direct and lateral twists, leg raises in a prone position, plank.

  1. Hands, chest . One of the most effective exercises in this direction can be called push-ups. To facilitate the task, you can bend your knees and put them on the floor or push up from the wall. Also in this block light dumbbells will be a great addition.
  2. Legs, buttocks . To strengthen the muscles in these areas, you can perform exercises: lifting the hips from a prone position, squats, lunges, swing legs.

Important Postpartum Training Rules

Important Postpartum Training Rules

Before you start fitness, you should pay attention to the rules:

  • The increase in load should be gradual . You can not immediately begin intensive training. It is recommended to start with walks (for example, with a stroller), breathing exercises, then very gradually switch to more severe types of stress. Avoid overtraining!
  • You can’t lose weight at a very fast pace . The excess weight accumulated during pregnancy cannot go away in a couple of weeks. Yes, and rapid weight loss can cause great harm: metabolic disorders, decreased or even cessation of lactation and other problems.
  • You can not limit food .

With a strict diet of a nursing mother, the quality and quantity of produced breast milk will suffer.

  • During and after training, you need to drink more water.
  • Nursing mothers are recommended to wear a special bra that supports the breasts.
  • If you feel pain in the abdomen, dizziness, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms, you must stop training and inform your doctor.
  • Fitness classes should be permanent, otherwise the desired result may not be achieved.
  • In order for the training to be more effective and interesting, it is recommended to change the exercises, apply new ones. Thus, all muscle groups will be involved.

Classes after childbirth, subject to all the rules and cautions, will benefit both the physical and mental state of the woman!

Samuel Mitchell