A set of exercises with a rope

A set of exercises with a rope

Skipping rope is known to anyone. It is this exercise that we master, starting with kindergarten. Interestingly, it is incredibly popular today. Skipping rope is an excellent sports equipment, relevant in any cardio training programs. Even the most famous trainers include it in their complexes, which provides a great effect.

If you want to restore tone to your body, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, lungs and pump muscles, a set of exercises with a skipping rope is a great solution. Try it, you will definitely be satisfied.



Of course, you can choose a set of exercises for weight loss with a gymnastic stick , fitball. But first, it’s best to pay attention to the rope. What are the benefits of training using this equipment:

  • This is one of the most energy efficient types of loads. Scientists conducted research, as a result of which it was established that from 1000 to 1200 kilocalories are burned per hour of classes.
  • Jumping rope is a lot of interesting, effective elements, the best cardio load. Using them, you can increase stamina several times, speed up the process of fat burning and strengthen the most important body systems. By choosing a rope as an inventory, you can build a quality training program of the interval type.
  • Toning most of the muscles. Hands, legs, buttocks, stomach and back are equally well pumped.
  • Compact size. Yes, this is a huge advantage of doing the exercises with this equipment. You can easily take the rope with you for a walk, on vacation, practicing in any convenient place at the desired time. It folds easily and fits in a bag.
  • Improving body coordination, balance, dexterity and a sense of balance. This is useful not only during sports, but also in everyday life.
  • Availability. You can buy equipment at any sports store. Moreover, its cost is available to absolutely everyone.
  • Effective strengthening of the ankle joint and foot – the risk of injuries of the limbs is reduced several times.
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We must not forget about several drawbacks of exercise complexes with a rope:

  • To do the exercises, you need to have enough free space. Ideally, training on the street, which is not always convenient.
  • Training with a skipping rope is a big load on the joints of the knees and ligaments. If the body is prone to injuries, you will have to abandon them by choosing, for example, exercises with a roller for the press  , etc.
  • If the exercises are performed incorrectly, a strong load on the spine and lumbar is ensured, which can lead to negative consequences over time.

Note. Under the prohibition of training with a rope for pregnant women, people with increased body weight, varicose veins, diseases of the motor apparatus, joints, etc.

Exercises in the complex

Exercises in the complex

If you have not previously used a skipping rope during training, you should start with the simplest elements. The following exercises are best added to the complex:

  • Kneeling Jumping. We jump with alternating change of legs. We try to raise our knees as high as possible, which will increase the effect. This exercise provides the highest load on the abs, gluteal region and back. Just 20 minutes is enough to start the fat burning process at maximum speed.
  • Element to remove fat from the hips. Jumps are performed with alternating legs. First we jump in the classical way, then the next movement – with the setting of the limbs wider than the shoulders.
  • “Scissors”. We place our legs back and forth during such jumps, alternating between the right and left limbs.
  • “Bell”. These are classic jumps with legs moving back and forth. In this case, the movement of the case to the sides, characteristic of rocking the bell tongue, is additionally carried out.
  • With the crossing of the legs. The element is performed in the classical way, but with the crossing of the limbs in the form of the letter “X”.
  • Twists and turns. We put our feet together, we perform normal jumps at a calm pace, but with small turns of the lower body to the sides. It is important that the top is static.

Note. A set of exercises with a skipping rope should include a wide variety of elements. The program is drawn up taking into account the goals facing the trainee. It is worth noting that jumping is suitable for both warm-up and the main program.

It would seem that this is in a rope? But it is this sports equipment that can help in getting rid of extra pounds and building a beautiful, slim body. Start losing weight by buying a shell. Superior effect guaranteed.

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